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Summer Camp

The summer camp arranged by Kav Lachayim is the year's highlight for disabled children.

Each year, about 200 disabled children take part in the summer camp. In the camp, the children enjoy six full days of a variety of activities and attractions tailored to their age and disability. The activities includes: Artists performances, workshops, visits to theme parks,
water parks, zoos, the Western Wall and more.

During all these activities, the children are accompanied by a volunteer. This volunteer will continue to accompany the child throughout the year on a weekly basis. For parents who
are busy caring for their children throughout the entire year, the summer camp provides an opportunity to relax a little and also spend more time with their other children.


The Tutoring Project is one of the pillars of the association; its purpose -
ongoing support for sick and disabled children throughout the year. Kav
Lachayim annually engages 300 volunteers which amounts to tens of
thousands volunteer hours.

The activities these volunteers engage in
improving the lives of sick children help inculcate in them the values of
involvement and social responsibility. This has made Kav Lachayim
Israel's leader in engaging hundreds of healthy youth volunteers for the
sake of their sick fellows, thus helping to strengthen social resilience to
those in need.

The project provides children with a socially supportive and assisting
framework. As part of the project, a personal tutor is assigned to the
child, and, in addition to weekly companionship at the child’s home, they
go on special activities, outings, summer and winter camps and more.

The relationship created between the two often extends beyond the
associational boundaries and it is common to see the two together at
family events. The connection of a sick child and a healthy child increases the sense of belonging and encourages growth on both sides.

We believe that just as the individual evolves - the society evolves, thus
also creating a better society.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Every year we celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah for 20 disabled children, who do not get to celebrate their happy event due to lengthy hospitalizations, personal or family circumstances.

We, at Kav Lachayim, view with great importance the acceptance of the disabled child’s abilities, and therefore the bar and bat mitzvah takes place as fully as possible.

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are celebrated in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. The event includes an Aliya LaTora for the boys at the Hurva synagogue, a Hafrashat Chala ceremony for the girls at the Cardo plaza and then a blessing by the Rabbi of the Western Wall at the Western Wall.

The culmination of the day is when the children and their families enjoy an impressive and colorful event that includes a festive meal with an orchestra and a variety of gifts including an album for each child.

Each child is accompanied by his volunteer, who guides him or her throughout the year in various social activities organized by Kav Lachayim.

Leisure and Treatment Centers

Kav Lachayim aims to provide a solution for the periphery of Israel, with emphasis on the special needs of the population who faces difficulties and has poor access to leisure and treatment centers.

The highlight of our activities is the continuous contact throughout the year with hundreds of children and their families, while providing the child a supportive environment.

Kav Lachayim operates seven centers throughout Israel, five of which are located in the periphery of Israel: Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer-Sheva, Kiryat Gat and Kiryat Shmona, as well as in Jerusalem and Modi'in.

The centers operate several times a week during the afternoon.

Target population: children age 8-16 suffering from disabilities, serious diseases and rare syndromes.


• Improving social skills

• Encouraging children's participation in a fun after-school social environment.

• Freeing time for the parents, for themselves and their other children’s needs

Group size:

The number of children in each group  ranges between 10-15



Saturdays of social change - we arrange 40 Saturday events throughout the year.

On these Saturdays, every child and his/her volunteer are hosted by families in towns and cities all over Israel.

The dinner and unmediated encounter between the child and the host family, connect the hearts, and dispels in a moment the sense of alienation suffered by the disabled in Israel.

On these Saturdays we can witness two-way empowerments, developing the individual and the society.

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