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Anastasya Shaflenko

Anastasya, a 4-year old girl, has Leukemia over the past one and a half years. Anastasya and her mother live in Petach Tikva in a tiny leased apartment. Since the disease has been discovered, they have been spending most of their time at Schneider Children's Medical Center.


The conditions at the apartment and the lack of basic furniture do not enable treating properly the sick child.


Anastasya's mother, Xenya, a wedding dresses designer, ceased working in light of Anastasya's illness and she takes care of Anastasya 24-hour a day.


Anastasya, a smart, happy and exciting girl, coops with difficult complex treatments.


The family needs monetary support in order to overcome this unusual difficult period.


Kav Lachayim assists Anastasya and her mother in raising the funds required to finance treatments which are not covered in the Israel basic health basket, travel back and forth to the hospital, obtaining appropriate home furnishings and medical equipment, etc.


Please help us to assist Anastasya to overcome this period and save Anastasya's life.

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