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Arie Abramov


Hello, my name is Arie Abramov. I am 23 years old, and I am currently living with my parents in Haifa, Israel. I am the youngest of 4 brothers and sisters.

I love reading, hiking, and getting together with friends. Up until recently, I was working toward putting myself through college. Unfortunately, I had to put all of these on hold for now.

Lately my life has taken a turn for the worse as I have been diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer, a very aggressive type of cancer. Small-cell lung cancer in young patients like me is uncommon, and I am one of the youngest people in the world to have it.

Due to my cancer’s progressive stage, the only potentially lifesaving treatment available for me at the moment is an extremely expensive immunotherapeutic treatment (it costs around $200,000). Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by my health insurance.

I come from a very simple family, both my parents have worked extremely hard their entire lives, but they are unable to carry the financial burden of my medical care.

While my goal is to heal and go back to who I was and pursue my dreams, I cannot imagine bankrupting my parents in the process.

Even during my most difficult days of long chemotherapy treatments and radiation, the nausea and the weakness pale in comparison to the difficulty I am feeling at this moment of appealing to you for help. However, when I consider the alternative, it is clear that I must do everything possible to save my life and spare my parents from financial ruin.

I appreciate the time you have dedicated to reading this request. If you could please find it in your heart to donate, there are not enough words in the dictionary that can express my gratitude.



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