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Eli Abudraham



I'm Eli Abudraham, a 65-year old man, a father of 7 children leaving in Ashdod.


For 15 years, I served in the IDF and the Israeli Border Guard and after retiring from the army, I opened a private business and was leaving my lives in piece and quiet.


I enjoyed my lives and always knew to devote time for leisure activities and trips. Having said that, I always had sensitivity to the others surrounding me and tried to help people who need assistance, whether using financial means or in other ways.


All my life I liked helping others! In my view, giving to others is an important principle of life and causes a meaningful satisfaction.


Unfortunately, I became sick about 5 years ago. My kidneys stopped functioning and I strated dialysis treatments three times a week.


Recently, since my medical condition became worse, I'm having dialysis treatments four times a week. I became very weak, and as a result, stopped working in my business and my business was closed.


In order to return to active life, I have to undergo a kidney transplantation, which shall take place abroad. Estimated cost is approximately NIS 800,000 ($225,000).


Now I'm the one who asks for your help. It is hard for me to be the asking party but I know that I have no other choice and my lives are dependent upon your support.


I ask each of you to assist as much as you can in order to enable me save my lives. Every donation shall be accepted.


I wish you all to be healthy and always be on the side of the giving and assisting party


Thank you,



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