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Ella Shalmon

Ella Shalmon, Adi and Nadav's first born, was born during the 32nd week of Adi's pragnancy with a congenital disorder called esophageal atresia, as well as with two fistulas. In other words, Ella's esophagus is attached to her trachea. When Ella was only two days old she had to undergo a major surgery in hopes of resolving the problem - now she needs another surgery, only much more complicated this time.


Today, Ella is 4 months old and still hospitalized. She suffers daily from dramatic pulse drops and temporary cessation of breath. Ella’s only hope for survival is a special surgery offered at the Boston Children’s Hospital, where there's a special unit for esophageal surgeries. The surgeons have already preformed multiple surgeries just like the one Ella needs, with a 100% success rate.


These days the family is trying to raise donations so we can provide Ella with the best treatment and save her.

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