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Larisa Harush

תורמים ושותפים יקרים!

בשבועות האחרונים לריסה עברה בהצלחה את ההשתלה,

במהלך חודש נובמבר חזרה ארצה ונמצאת כרגע בתהליך שיקום.

לריסה ומשפחתה מודים לכל אלפי האנשים שנרתמו להצלת חייה.

My name is Larisa Harush, 36 years old and mother of three small children. I am currently hospitalized at Tel Hashomer Hospital in critical condition, and the only thing that can save my life is to board a plane to New Orleans in a few days for a liver transplant.


Three years ago I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Since then I am considered 100% handicapped and am constantly suffering. Years of treatments brought myself and my family to such financial hardship that I do not have the funds to undergo the surgery that will allow me to continue to be a mother to my children.

The transplant itself is financed by my healthcare, but I may need to wait months for a liver, months that include costs that aren't covered: flights, lodging, loss of work, special food, a caretaker for my three young children and medicine.


Our future is in your hands. Please help me raise 350,000 ILS and save my family!

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