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Madhusoodhanan Aatish is only 17 and already has to confront a violent cancer that has spread in his body.


Aatish was born in India and moved with his family to Dubai looking for work opportunities.


About a year ago when the cancer was discovered, Aatish and his family moved back to India to treat his cancer.


The treatments did not stop the cancer from spreading in his body.

His mother did not give up and searched for any life saving treatment she can find.

She found a new break through treatment that might save her son's life. This treatment is not available in India so the family moved to Israel where he can get this unique treatment that can save his life.


Today, Aatish and his parents are in Sheba Medical Center in Israel in the life saving program.


His parents took many loans to cover the cost of the treatment, which is very expensive.


The cost for the treatment and the stay is about 200,000$.


Please help us save Aatish!!!


Please help us save Aatish

Check Payable to:

Mail to: 27 Benjamin Mintz st.


ISRAEL 49170

Hapoalim Bank, Branch 532, Account Number 487435

IBAN: IL-56012-5320-0000-0048-7435



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