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Maya Fisher


Maya Fisher is a 1.4 year old from Givat Shmuel, a twin to Amit and the baby sister of Hillel and Matan.

Maya was born with “fistula” – a connection between the esophagus and the trachea which causes the transfer of food to the lungs, instead of the stomach.

This malformation prevents Maya from eating through her mouth at all, causes multiple  gagging, recurrent pneumonia and multiple hospitalizations.

Maya is fed via a tube to the small intestine and receives supplementary nutrition via TPN.

Maya underwent an unsuccessful Fistula repair surgery when she was 3 weeks old. Since then, Maya underwent several more surgeries to allow her to grow via a gastric feeding tube.

Currently, Maya awaits another surgery; this is a much more complex and complicated surgery than the first one, and requires knowledge, expertise and vast experience.

The Boston Children Hospital’s Medical Center has a department specializing in esophageal operations. The experience and knowledge of their medical staff could allow Maya to eat, breathe, grow and develop normally.

The cost of the operation, not including fare and accommodations is: $250,000

Your help is Maya’s chance to grow like a normal girl.


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