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by check payable to: KAVLACHAYIM- Mila Szwarc


ISRAEL 49170

hapoalim bank, branch 532 count no 489446  


Iban: IL79-0125-3200-0000-0489-446


For approval of tax deductible donation send us the form Transfer to a fax 03-9215566 and specify a name and shipping address


Mila Szwarc


Mila Szwarc from Kfar Saba, is a sweet, smiling baby two years old, suffers from Rett syndrome. This syndrome is very difficult harms neurological development.

To relieve symptoms and slow the Hrigrsih, mila  needs intense therapy everyday.

The cost of treatment is estimated at about 40,000$ for the coming year. These treatments are not subsidized by HMO.

The parents of a word are a young couple, hardworking and had to deal with the high costs of treatments they cannot afford. mila has a sister, three and a half year old.

Mila has changed the lives of her parents and sister in a way that never imagined.

Let helped Mila improve the future and give her a chance to be able to walk, play, hug and kiss, just like other children.

In Kav Lachayim We have mobilized to help raise funds for Mila and her family.

Your donation gives her a chance to improve their lives and to live a better and happier.




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