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ISRAEL 49170


hapoalim bank, branch 532 count no  568257
named for Kav Lachayim - Multiple Sclerosis

Iban: IL71-0125-3200-0000-0568-257


For approval of tax deductible donation send us the form Transfer to a fax +972 3 921 55 66 and specify a name and shipping address


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My Anchor - Multiple Sclerosis

 my anchor

“My anchor” is a story of hope.
 It’s a story about a young man that at the age of 36, at the peak of his life, right after his youngest child was born, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Within five years his physical condition so greatly deteriorated that nowadays he is wheelchair-bound.

My name is Arie, and my anchor is my story.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease considered today as the main reason for neurological disability among young people.

Professor Dimitrios Karussis is currently leading what is considered to be a breaking through clinical trial on a global scale at “Hadassah” hospital in Jerusalem.
 Its purpose is to find a cure for this severe illness.
 48 patients received an approval to participate in the experiment, while the cost per each is approximately 50 thousand dollars. So far 1.5 million dollars have been raised. This total enables 30 patients to receive treatment.  Happily, I am one of them.
We have to raise another million dollars, for 18 patients more,
 otherwise - the experiment will be discontinued!

Out of hope and will to aid others waiting to join the experiment, as well many other patients worldwide, my beloved wife, my own anchor, has initiated a fundraising campaign for completing the clinical trial.

I turn to you, individuals and business owners, wishing to recruit you as well to this important effort.
All funds will be transferred to a multiple sclerosis research fund.
Any contribution is kindly and gratefully received.
All donations are tax-deductible.

Each one of us has a dream. I dream about picking up my kids and walking hand in hand with my wife. Along with your help we might be able to make thousands of patients’ such small dreams come true…

Thank you for your attention and kind help!
With good health wishes,

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