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Noa Bozna

Noa, 34, has always dreamed to fly - as high and as far as possible. At the age of five she started exercising gymnastics; later on, she guided and trained hundreds of gymnasts around Israel. Her tremendous love to the world of gymnastics had given her the opportunity to develop ​​a striking career far off in Australia.


Three years ago, as she became a fresh mom of the 10-month-old Shay, she was diagnosed with an advanced rectal cancer. During this period, we tried every possible way to fight the damned disease – from chemotherapy and screenings to two complicated surgery in the pelvic area, but, sadly, the disease relapsed all the more forcefully five months ago, for the third time.

Medically, there are no other treatment options besides a new drug, “Keytruda”, which is still under study. Noa, unfortunately, was not entered into the pilot study, whereas her private insurances do not cover the cost (about 650,000 NIS), since the drug has not been definitively approved.


This is our last chance to fight for Shay’s mother and allow Noa to keep flying a little longer. Please help us in this struggle.


A huge thank you,

The family

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