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Noa Zandgarten

My name is Noa and I'm 17.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Beyond the unseen emotional challenges and difficulties that this entails, there is a very visible and obvious physical disability for everyone to see - my inability to walk normally. My legs, to put it simply, have a very limited range of movement.

Walking, that which most of you take for granted, is for me a struggle.

A short time ago I found out that unique surgical procedure performed by a world renowned surgeon in the US, could make it possible for me to walk normally! After a series of tests and reviews, it was determined that I am a suitable candidate for this unique procedure.

Being rare, it is also very expensive and well beyond our family's financial means. 350,000 NIS to be precise (94,290 $ ).

This is why I am asking for help.

Next year my friends will be recruited to the IDF; a duty and rite of passage for all Israelis my age. I dread the thought of not being able to participate, fully, in such an important aspect of my life in Israel.

Please help me achieve a dream that until recently I did not dare to dream.

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