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Give Ofek Hope

Ofek is a young man of 21 who wants to live life at its fullest.

Two years ago, he started to feel pain in his leg, and was subsequently diagnosed with an aggressive type of bone cancer.

Since then, he has spent long periods in hospital, where he underwent chemotherapy treatments and operations. 
As a result of the chemotherapy, Ofek’s situation got worse.

A year ago, he flew to the US for a special operation and the prognosis was good.

The pain almost went away, and his leg improved a lot. For a moment, it seemed that his life was back on track. However, a few months ago, there was another relapse as a severe infection developed in his leg.

Now Ofek needs to undergo treatment to save his leg.

These treatments –first in the US, followed by additional treatments in Israel –are extremely expensive and not covered by any insurance.  
We invite you to partner with us in supporting Ofek in his fight against cancer.

Your generous contribution will allow us to finance the difficult and challenging treatments that await him.


Cost of medical treatment $600,000

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