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by check payable to: : Kav Lachayim - Open Heart


ISRAEL 49170


hapoalim bank, branch 532 count no  660978
named for Kav Lachayim - Open Heart

Iban: IL79-0125-3200-0000-0660-978


For approval of tax deductible donation send us the form Transfer to a fax +972 3 921 55 66 and specify a name and shipping address


 open heart


Be a part of a rescue mission

  •  Our mission is to rescue children with life threatening heart diseases who are deprived of basic treatment in their home land ( Third World countries).

  • We, at The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba Medical Center have the capacity, advanced technology and expertise to save these sick children, and are commited to do so.

  • We will fly them accompanied by a relative and medical professionals to Safra  Children’s Hospital in Israel where a leading medical team will receive them with the most advanced technology in the field.


The Journey of the Heart

  • Children will travel from their home land escorted by a relative and medical professionals, to a safe arrival in Safra Children’s Hospital.

  • Upon arrival they will undergo a thorough medical workup, including a full evaluation of their cardiac status, including an echocardiogram, and cardiac catheterization , cardiac CT or MRI if needed.

  • They will also be evaluated and treated by the appropriate multidisciplinary services of the Safra children's hospital when needed 

  • The children will receive state of the art heart surgery, followed by a stay in the dedicated cardiac intensive care unit, and recovery in the step down unit.

  • After discharge, the children will be followed in the Pediatric Cardiology clinic until full recovery 

  • Children will be enrolled to the  rehabilitation program as needed , and all the  families will take part in an educational program.

  • We will be here until the heart is safe and ready to go back home. 

  •  Housing for the child and relative will be supplied until the child is fully recovered and treated

  • The  typical stay in Israel is expected to last a month.

 Please dial 03-9250505 and note it’s for
Open Heart

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