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Saving life


One of the core areas of concerns of the organization is helping save lives.

In this area the service includes guidance, facilitation, and legal representation according to the needs of the child and family. Additionally, we assist in mobilizing resources from the public to patients in need of treatment, surgery and/or medications that are not included in the national health insurance or may be provided only outside Israel.


The service includes:

  • Assistance in providing adequate medical solution around the world.

  • Opening trust funds.

  • Assistance in raising resources as required.

  • Emotional support.

  • Assistance related to HMOs, insurance companies and government offices.

  • Legal Aid.


Kav Lachayim accompanies the family throughout the process providing them with counseling, guidance and support.

The organization provides a campaigns director, who has extensive experience in leading the resource mobilization processes. In addition, the organization provides the family a full range of available knowledge and appropriate technologies to promote the campaign.

If necessary, Kav Lachayim will assist in opening a personal trust fund to manage the funding.

A sick child or a family member who needs medical assistance involving urgent fundraising, can contact Kav Lachayim's office to set a meeting with the organization’s director, Mrs. Rina Idan, in order to open a personal trust fund.


Please bring the following to the meeting:

  1. Up-to-date medical history describing the patient’s current condition.

  2. Medical record photocopy including relevant medical documents.

  3. Price quotes from medical centers abroad, if has any.

  4. Response of HMO / insurance company regarding their refusal to finance the treatment.

In the meeting, the medical documents will be introduced, a sample agreement of opening a trust fund will be introduced to the patient and the financial goal of fundraising will be set.

After signing the trust fund opening agreement by the patient/applicant and by a representative of Kav Lachayim, Kav Lachayim will open a trust bank account in the name of the patient.

The fundraising will be carried out by family members, friends and relatives, with the assistance of Doron Zexer, campaign director, who will guide them throughout the entire path of raising the amount required.


Expenses funded by the trust fund:

All the funds raised will be used only to finance medical expenses, and  will be delivered directly to the medical institution or pharmaceutical company or any other service provider related to the treatment needed by the patient.


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