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Shalom Asulin 

hapoalim bank, branch 532 account no 575245

account holder: Kav-Lachayim for Shalom Asulin.

For approval of tax deductible donation send us the form Transfer to a fax 03-9215566 and specify a name and shipping address



My Grandpa shalom asulin need your help :


Hey everyone, my name is Thila and I have the best grandpa in the world, who make sure to visit me every weekend. Zeidi and baba, love watching us eat their delicious food and their love makes us stronger. Occasionally after work, Grandpa does his best to surprise and help Imma to babysit us, however lately Gradpa got ill, through medical malpractice of Iodine sensitivity and his kidney broke down, he can just come to us like he use to, he shared with me that his illness is treatable but he needs any help he can get.

My mother and I, our families have joined the effort and gave as much as we could, would you be able to grant our grandfather his life back?

All he needs is a kidney transplant, which requires additional resources hence, we need your help, anything can help.

Thank you so much in advance.

שלום אסולין.jpg

by check payable to:
KAVLACHAYIM- Shalom Asulin 

to: Bimyamin Mintz 27 PETAH TIKVA



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