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shilat knafo

Help Shilat walk!

Our amazing 7 years old Shilat, is an identical twin sister to Tohar, and a younger sister to Oria.
Her sisters' dream is to see her walking. That is there reality.
Shilat born with physical disabilities of cerebral palsy (CP) caused to her during child birth.
Shilat sees her twin sister running and dancing but she can't, she is not independent and she relays on her wheelchair, walker and the adults to be able to perform those basics tasks.
To stop the deterioration of her condition, and to give her a chance to move around and be independent, Shilat requires to go through a complicated neurosurgical surgery that will take place in a hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.
The cost of the operation, including flights and accommodations is estimated at about  500,000 NIS.
The surgery will improve the quality of Shilats' life, who dreams of running and dancing with her sisters as a normal girl.
Shilat's parents are having difficulties to collect the money to cover the surgery, and are asking you to open your heart and to help Shilat to fulfill her dream!
Every small contribution means the world!
"May you always be on giving   side…"

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