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Tomer Invites you to join and support the fight for his life


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tomer.
We would like to thank the hundreds of people who supported Tomer all along the way.


My name is Tomer, I am 24 years old, leave in Eshtaol, studied in Boyer High school, served in the IDF as a medic and today I am an undergraduate student at Tel Aviv university, majoring in Electrical engineering.

On may 2022 my life changed when I was diagnosed with brain cancer, since then I had a surgery for tumor removal, had several rounds of radio and chemo therapy, all of them seemed successful until not long ago.

Unfortunately, MRI taken on last April showed a new tumor and my supervising neuro-oncologist immediately advised a new radiotherapy cycle.

Brain cancer is relatively violent and unexpected, with potential of turning aggressive at any time, which is why my family and I are searching all the time for new treatments that can improve my chances for survival.

Recently I have been accepted to a new experimental cutting-edge medical treatment in Germany, with the help and support of my neuro-oncologist.

Experimental medical treatments are not officially approved, therefor not eligible for funding by public health organization ("KUPAT HOLIM") or health insurance companies.

The treatment cost is very high and the institute in Germany will not initiate treatment before full payment of the cost.

Treatment cost, flights and accommodation are about 600,000 NIS (150,000 Euros)

I need your support!!

Its my goal to win this and get back to normal as soon as possible.

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