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hapoalim bank, branch 532 count no  568311

Iban: IL90-0125-3200-0000-0568-311



For approval of tax deductible donation send us the form Transfer to a fax 03-9215566 and specify a name and shipping address


by check payable to: KAVLACHAYIM-Myopathy

to: Binyamin Mintz 27 



Research for Curing Muscular Dystrophy-Myopathy

My name is  Gilad , 46 years old a father of 3 married to Catherine, leave in Petah Tikva. Untill  the age of 20 way back year 1991 I lived a normal life , do sports , go to school and render service to military  and a lot more.

During my army service I was rushed to the hospital due to an accident and then my life suddenly turned  into  180 degree from best to worst. During the examination it appeared that I have a muscular dystrophy-myopathy.

At Year 1996 I got married, Year 2000 my first child Eden was born. Year 2005 I already need a caregiver.

For the last 8 years I have been remarried to Catherine the mother of my two youngest ,Daniel 7 years old and Ashley 3 years old.

Instead of getting  stressed and complain about my situation I learned to fight for my life and for my family and my kids.

 I decided to open a business and live without the support from the government ( Bituach leumi).

On the Year 2008  I  applied to have one of the franchise of a post office and I got it. From 2008 up to present I am managing our post office agency in Petah Tikva Israel.


SO what do I want?

I want you to join me on the fight to find the cure for the muscular dystrophy.

Why it is important?

One out of forty thousand  people have this decease.


Dr. Eitan Okun head of the research laboratories of Bar Ilan Universities  and Professor Yoram Nevo  head of Neurologic institute of Snieder Hospital are willing to take the lead on the research to find the cure for the decease.


One Hundred Percent (100%) from your donation will go to the reseach istself.




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