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Organization's Forms and Approvals


Kav Lachayim manages to hold its incredible activity by donations from businesses and individuals.

Almost 100% of the its budget is based on your donatios; therefore we see transparency in financial control a crucial part of our commitment to professionalism, sincerity and trust given to us by the public, so we have the sense to use the funds in the most efficient manner and will continue to provide voluntary comprehensive assistance for the welfare of the 1,380 children in hospitals around Israel, regardless of religion, race or nationality.


For your convenience - documents attesting to the organization’s proper operation


Section 46 Tax Certificate
("Proper Management Certificate ("NIHUL TAKIN
Certificate of Incorporation
 Non for profit Organization Certificate

Tax Deduction at Source Confirmation
Books Keeping Confirmation
2017 Financial Statements

2018 Budget
Articles of Incorporation
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