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Shlomit Kalmanovitch

Saving Shlomit

What does Shlomit suffer from?

  • Shlomit Kalmanovitch is a wonderful 42 year-old woman who was born with a myelomeningocele disorder, a defect that occurs to a baby before birth and affects the lower back nerve.

  • As a result, Shlomit is diagnosed with 100% disability and suffers from a severe dysfunction of the urinary system and intestines, as well as renal failure. Shlomit's right kidney functions at 32% of normal kidney function and the left only functions at 15%.


Shlomit’s life today:

  • Because of her worsening condition, Shlomit must always be around sterile services and to maintain a particularly restricted diet.

  • Shlomit suffers from a severe shortage of vitamins in her body, from chronic fatigue and permanent weakness that prevent her from functioning or enjoying a minimal quality of life.

  • Shlomit's condition also prevents her from having children in spite of her strong desire, since pregnancy would have reduced her kidneys’ function to total failure.

  • Despite all that and nevertheless, Shlomit lovingly raises her dog Chupa, the soul who is the closest to her in the world.

  • Despite her difficult situation, until recently Shlomit managed to continue to learn and work.

  • Even when she couldn’t work anymore, Shlomit continued to volunteer and help others in her areas of expertise, bookkeeping and salary calculation.


Shlomit lives on borrowed time:

  • In 2016, Shlomit underwent surgery to save both her kidneys, but unfortunately the surgery didn’t produce the desperately needed result.

  • Since then, Shlomit's condition has deteriorated greatly and she needs an urgent kidney donation.

  • Unfortunately, Shlomit's parents and siblings were not found suitable for kidney donation.

  • The waiting period for a kidney donation in Israel is between 8 to 12 years, but due to her severe medical condition, Shlomit won’t be able to survive such a long wait.

  • If Shlomit doesn’t undergo a kidney transplant within six months, her body will cease to be able to urinate and will become ill with other life-threatening illnesses that may, God forbid, lead to her death.


The only way to save Shlomit's life: an urgent kidney transplant abroad at a cost of 200 thousand dollars.

  • The high cost of the transplant leaves Shlomit and us no choice but to turn to your heart and request your help in raising the funds needed to save her life.

  • Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

  • If enough people donate, we will be able to reach the goal in time and allow Shlomit to undergo the transplant procedure before it is too late.


Please, open your heart and help us save Shlomit!

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